[BioC] Rdbi

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 8 09:12:17 MEST 2003

> I'm using R 1.7.1 and Bioconductor release 1.2 under Redhat Linux 8.
> The package SAGElyzer (which is version 1.1.17 in BioC 1.2) requires the
> library Rdbi, when running under UNIX. This package is not available from
> CRAN anymore. You may still get it from http://rdbi.sourceforge.net/. Rdbi
> seems to have been replaced by the package DBI, which is available from CRAN.
> I have looked at the development sources for SAGElyzer (v 1.2.4) and it seems
> to have the same requirements as v1.1.17.
> Questions/thoughts:
> 1) Is DBI sufficiently developed to replace Rdbi? If so, I guess it needs to
> be fixed in SAGElyzer.

DBI is pretty mature, the problem is that no one has written
DBI-compliant drivers for postgres.  ROracle and RMySQL from CRAN
do satisfy DBI.

> 2) Otherwise I think a mention of this issue ought to be placed in the FAQ
> since Rdbi seems to have disappeared from CRAN.

agreed.  And anyone with an interest in/time to write a DBI-compliant
RPostgres is encouraged to do this!

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