[BioC] Biobase load failed

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 6 12:46:16 MEST 2003

> > library(Biobase)
> Error in bindingIsLocked(m2, where) : not an environment

An error of this sort(*) typically indicates that there is
a mismatch between the version of R being used and the
version of Biobase (or any bioconductor package) being
installed.  Users of any version of R prior to 1.8.0 must refrain
from using devel versions of bioconductor resources.

You can get more information on bindingIsLocked through
the standard R help facilities.

Please, when you send transcripts like this, identify the
specific version of R you are using, the specific OS platform,
and the specific steps for installation that you used
to trigger the error.

(*) What does "of this sort" mean?  Usually these errors
involve functions that are remote from the user, involving
environment bindings, class metadata etc.  We will try
to improve the diagnostic messages as the new release approaches.

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