[BioC] Biobase load failed

Scott Norton nortonsm at verizon.net
Fri Oct 3 18:00:02 MEST 2003

I eventually fixed this problem, but wondered, as a newbie to R, whether the
error I had should have clued me into the fact that I didn't have the latest
version of Biobase and its dependent packages, tkWidgets,  genefilter, etc.


Here's the error:


> library(Biobase)

Error in bindingIsLocked(m2, where) : not an environment

Error in library(Biobase) : .First.lib failed

> .packages(all.available = TRUE)

 [1] "base"       "Biobase"    "boot"       "class"      "cluster"
"ctest"      "eda"        "foreign"   

 [9] "genefilter" "grid"       "KernSmooth" "lattice"    "lqs"        "MASS"
"methods"    "mgcv"      

[17] "mle"        "modreg"     "mva"        "nlme"       "nls"        "nnet"
"reposTools" "rpart"     

[25] "spatial"    "splines"    "stepfun"    "survival"   "tcltk"
"tkWidgets"  "tools"      "ts"        

Warning message: 

package:Biobase is required by package:genefilter (still attached) in:
detach(name = "package:Biobase")


As you can see, it was in my search path.  And I have yet to find a
description of this error in the R archives, in general.

I guess what I'm really asking is, what does 

"Error in bindingIsLocked(m2,where) : not an environment "

mean?  And is there anything in the explanation of that error that tells
someone that they have a versioning issue with the package and R?






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