[BioC] Re: problems with getBioC/R

Kasper Daniel Hansen K.Hansen at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Oct 3 12:57:55 MEST 2003

On Friday 03 October 2003 11:41, you wrote:
> On Windows one has to start R with the --internet2 command line option to
> get it to connect to the internet
> Trying something similar on your Mac may work, though I know ZERO about
> Macs :-(

Ill just forward this, as I wasn't the one having problems :)

> wrote:
> > From: St?phanie Mottier <		>
> > Subject: [BioC] Problems with getBioC/R
> >
> > I'm trying to install Bioconductor on my iBook (Mac OS X, 256MB, 600MHz
> > PowerPC G3).
> > I have dowload the R version 1.7.1 via CRAN and I'm not able to install
> > getBioC.
> > I have got this message :
> > "Error in getBioC() : Your R is not currently configured to allow HTTP
> > connections, which is required for getBioC to work properly."
> > What can I do?
> > What is the problème with R?
> As the error message states, your are not able to go online thorugh R. This
> is necessary in order to install BioC, because all the packages needs to be
> obtained from the web.
> I'm not to familiar with the Mac, but the standard problem would be one of
> the following
> 1) You do not have any internet access at all from your iBook. Test: Are
> you able to go online with your browser? Solution: get local help from your
> sys admin.
> 2) Otherwise you may have a problem with the firewall at your department.
> Solution: get local help from your sysadmin.
> The problem has nothing to do with R and BioC and eveything to do with your
> local setup.
> A simple way to test if it works is to issue to command
> >CRAN.packages()
> from within R
> You may find more information on www.r-project.org (start by looking in the
> FAQSs).

Kasper Daniel Hansen, Research Assistent
Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen

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