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Wed Jan 4 21:38:47 CET 2023

I am glad you brought this up here, and I welcome further discussion on
this mailing list.  It is important to understand the constraints on
that arise from Bioconductor's package guidelines.

I don't think we want to change the limits on package payload size without
understanding the consequences for users and our build system.  The split
approach mentioned by Lambda seems sensible to me, and I hope it is
not too burdensome.  Additional commentary and details from the community
are welcome.

On Wed, Jan 4, 2023 at 3:21 PM Lambda Moses <dlu2 using caltech.edu> wrote:

> Hi Adam,
> I also got this problem, and I would like some input from Bioc Core
> Team. I worked around it by writing a minimal vignette in the main
> branch. Then I made a documentation branch, where I have the same code
> as in main branch, but with more elaborate vignettes used to build a
> pkgdown website. I made a rule for myself that I can only merge from the
> main or devel branch to the documentation branch but not the other way
> round. I would switch branch when I find a bug or want a new feature
> while writing the vignettes. You can see the main branch here:
> https://github.com/pachterlab/voyager/tree/main The documentation branch
> here: https://github.com/pachterlab/voyager/tree/documentation
> I kind of wonder if the 5 MB rule is outdated in the age of increasing
> computer power and internet speed. A jpeg photo can easily exceed 5 MB.
> I also wonder if this rule is deliberately kept for good reasons, like
> to make R more inclusive to disadvantaged people with limited internet
> services.
> Regards,
> Lambda
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