[Bioc-devel] Large vignettes

Lambda Moses d|u2 @end|ng |rom c@|tech@edu
Wed Jan 4 21:11:04 CET 2023

Hi Adam,

I also got this problem, and I would like some input from Bioc Core 
Team. I worked around it by writing a minimal vignette in the main 
branch. Then I made a documentation branch, where I have the same code 
as in main branch, but with more elaborate vignettes used to build a 
pkgdown website. I made a rule for myself that I can only merge from the 
main or devel branch to the documentation branch but not the other way 
round. I would switch branch when I find a bug or want a new feature 
while writing the vignettes. You can see the main branch here: 
https://github.com/pachterlab/voyager/tree/main The documentation branch 
here: https://github.com/pachterlab/voyager/tree/documentation

I kind of wonder if the 5 MB rule is outdated in the age of increasing 
computer power and internet speed. A jpeg photo can easily exceed 5 MB. 
I also wonder if this rule is deliberately kept for good reasons, like 
to make R more inclusive to disadvantaged people with limited internet 



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