[Bioc-devel] LazyData: false and accessing data in the YAML section of an Rmd document

Witold Wolski wew @end|ng |rom |gcz@ethz@ch
Thu Nov 18 15:51:05 CET 2021


I with BiocCheck I am getting a warning that my packages uses LazyData: 

So far some of the package vignettes loaded the data in the params 
section of the Rmd file e.g.,

   configuration:  !r data(prolfqua::data_ionstar); 
quote(prolfqua::data_ionstar$filtered()$config )
   project_conf: NULL
   data: !r quote( prolfqua::data_ionstar$filtered()$data )

However, this will not work with LazyData false. What is the 
bioconductor way of loading the data in the Rmd file Yaml section?

If anyone wonders, why do I need it. By this I can reuse the vignette 
with a different dataset.

Best Witold

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