[Bioc-devel] mzR will drop mzData file format support

Neumann, Steffen @neum@nn @end|ng |rom |pb-h@||e@de
Wed Nov 17 09:42:46 CET 2021


mzR will soon get the long-awaited update of the embedded proteowizard
[1] as a nice christmas present. Part of that update is the removal of
the older Ramp Backend, which results in dropping the ability to read
the mass spectrometry file format mzDdata.

If there is anyone out there who needs mzData for some production
pipeline, please speak up now. It would be possible to port the old
mzData support on top the new proteowizard, but we will not be able 
to do that (I tried, and grew a fair amount of new grey hair). I can do
a bit of hand-holding on the steps that would be required. 

Conversion of mzData to mzML is possible with the OpenMS FileConverter
tool [2].

mzR will continue to support mzML, netCDF and mzXML.

We will accirdingly change mzData files in the msdata package to mzML. 


[1] https://github.com/sneumann/mzR/tree/feature/updatePwiz_3_0_21263

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