[Bioc-devel] Accessing updated package through Devel and priming package for next release

Tim Nieuwenhuis tn|euwe1 @end|ng |rom jhm|@edu
Tue Mar 2 22:50:20 CET 2021


I am the maintainer of the package HPAStainR. We are about to respond to reviewer comments on the package's associated paper, and I am trying to have an updated accessible version of the package for the reviewers to use. I currently have the updated version of the package as version 1.1.4 on the master branch, however when I try to download the developer version of my package with


I end up downloading the previous devel version of HPAStainR which is version 1.1.3. I am unsure if I did something wrong in either my versioning, git pushes, or in my downloading of the developer version. I know I can just have the reviewers acquire the package through github, but I also want to make sure that these changes are primed to be entered into the next Bioconductor release. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and pardon my naivet� on the subject.

Github repository:

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