[Bioc-devel] Semi-transparency warning in package submitted to Bioconductor

P. Palenikova pp451 @end|ng |rom c@m@@c@uk
Tue Mar 2 22:12:55 CET 2021

Dear all,

I have recently submitted a package to Bioconductor and during the 
review some issues with semi-transparency in output plots from two 
functions have been identified. The warning message was:

In grid.Call.graphics(C_points, x$x, x$y, x$pch, x$size) :
   semi-transparency is not supported on this device: reported only once 
per page

This warning appears on R Under development (unstable) (2021-02-20 
r80030), Platform: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (64-bit), Running under: Ubuntu 
20.04.1 LTS, but everything seem to work fine on Windows and Linux with 
R version 4.0.3 as well as Windows with R devel version (2021-02-27 
r80043). I could find other examples of functions producing same 
semi-transparency warning (e.g. 
https://tinyheero.github.io/2015/09/15/semi-transparency-r.html), where 
solutions are for user to change their ~/.Rprofile file. Is there 
anything that can be done with this issue in the code of the package 
functions or in the vignette?

Thank you for any suggestions!


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