[Bioc-devel] Question reg devtools in MacOS High Sierra

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Could you provide more information about the error you face with `brew install libgit2` ?? Without knowing what error message you see, it's hard to speculate about why devtools or gert didn’t work.


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    We are the package maintainers of the CINdex package. Our package is giving
    build errors and we are investigating why. I'm currently working on setting
    up the environment so I can replicate the error.

    I have a MacOS High Sierra. Here is what I did:
    * downloaded R 4.1 from  https://mac.r-project.org/ and
    * Got the latest  BioC 3.13 using BiocManager::install(version = "devel")

    * When I tried *install.packages("devtools")*, it said
    *"Package which is only available in source form, and may need compilation
    of **C/C++/Fortran: ‘gert’*

    So Then I did *install.packages("devtools")*

    It gave me an error saying
    *"Configuration failed to find libgit2 library." Try installing: brew:
    libgit2 (MacOS)*
    I have tried installing libgit2 using both brew and within R. Neither
    worked. So at this point, I'm unable to install devtools . And without
    devtools, Check And Build are not working

    Has anyone else encountered this issue, please advise on how to fix this.


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