[Bioc-devel] Git recognizes me but denies access

Philipp A. ||y|ng-@heep @end|ng |rom web@de
Mon Dec 13 19:55:21 CET 2021

Am Mo., 13. Dez. 2021 um 14:24 Uhr schrieb Kern, Lori <
Lori.Shepherd using roswellpark.org>:

> I don't see any changes on the RELEASE_3_14 branch.  Please make sure to
> push to the RELEASE_3_14 branch […]

Understood! Done, I cherry-picked all the commits over.

Am Mo., 13. Dez. 2021 um 19:39 Uhr schrieb Hervé Pagès <
hpages.on.github using gmail.com>:

> Just in case someone is watching this thread and wondering what we're
> doing with the LaTeX environment on the build machines.
> […]
> All these installations are stock installations.

That’s extremely weird, as I also use stock TexLive to locally build
things, and everything works flawlessly.

Well, I circumvented the problem by building HTML vignettes instead, which
is probably more convenient for users anyway.

	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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