[Bioc-devel] RcppAnnoy changed in CRAN from 0.0.14 to 0.0.15, and might have broken some packages

Leonardo Collado Torres |co||@dotor @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Feb 27 19:50:06 CET 2020


When installing BiocNeighbors (1.4.1, latest release from Bioconductor
version 3.10) from source on linux I noticed the issue as a few hours
ago it all worked fine but now it doesn't. Locally, I noticed that I
had to update from RcppAnnoy 0.0.14 to 0.0.15, and while at my macOS I
can install the BiocNeighbors 1.4.1 binary, I did the actual tests at
https://github.com/LTLA/BiocNeighbors/issues/10 and noticed that
RcppAnnoy's change lead to this. I have no idea how RcppAnnoy works,
but well, maybe if you use it in your package you do.

Now I need to google how to set on my DESCRIPTION to use the CRAN
archived version of RcppAnnoy 0.0.14 that you can install with

packageurl <- "https://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/Archive/RcppAnnoy/RcppAnnoy_0.0.14.tar.gz"
install.packages(packageurl, repos=NULL, type="source")
## From https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/219949047-Installing-older-versions-of-packages


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