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Hi Stefano,

Thank you for your share.


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We solved a similar issue for the INSPEcT package avoiding the parallelization in the computation of examples and vignettes. In our case it caused the timeout in the Windows environment.


Il giorno ven 17 apr 2020 alle 21:11 Jianhong Ou, Ph.D. <jianhong.ou using duke.edu<mailto:jianhong.ou using duke.edu>> ha scritto:

I got timeout for my package motifStack in machv2. But I don't know what cuased the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From: Jianhong Ou, Ph.D.
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Subject: Got timeout for machv2 BUILD


Hope you are doing well.

I got timeout for my package motifStack in machv2. The ellapsedTime is 2403.0 seconds while in tokay2 is 82.1 seconds and in malbec2 is 126.1 seconds. I have limited information how to debug.
Could you share your suggestion? Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Jianhong Ou

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