[Bioc-devel] Can I use .Rbuildignore to ignore .BBSoptions?

Gordon K Smyth @myth @end|ng |rom weh|@edu@@u
Thu Mar 14 03:13:46 CET 2019

The Rsubread package has a .BBSoptions file to warn the Bioconductor package management routines that Rsubread is not available for Windows.

R CMD check doesn't know about the .BBSoptions tag and therefore issues a NOTE whenever the package is checked. Can I add an .Rbuildignore file to tell R CMD check to ignore the .BBSoptions file, or will that cause problems for the Bioconductor management routines, i.e., will it make the .BBSoptions file invisible to Bioconductor as well?


Professor Gordon K Smyth
Joint Head, Bioinformatics Division
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


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