[Bioc-devel] new error with saved HDF5SummarizedExperiment

Vincent Carey @tvjc @end|ng |rom ch@nn|ng@h@rv@rd@edu
Fri Jun 7 22:08:05 CEST 2019

Loading required namespace: HDF5Array
Error in .stop_if_bad_dir(dir, prefix) : directory
  does not seem to contain an HDF5-based SummarizedExperiment object
  previously saved with saveHDF5SummarizedExperiment()
Calls: <Anonymous> -> .stop_if_bad_dir
Execution halted

it looks like some things are going on in HDF5Array and SummarizedExperiment
that might lead to new constraints on how these work together ... I don't
any high-level commentary in these package NEWS

when I try to recreate using current software but older content

> saveHDF5SummarizedExperiment(se, "tenx_750b")

*Error in assays[[i]] : wrong arguments for subsetting an environment*

Enter a frame number, or 0 to exit

1: saveHDF5SummarizedExperiment(se, "tenx_750b")

2: .write_HDF5SummarizedExperiment(x, rds_path = rds_path, h5_path =

3: .write_h5_assays(x using assays, h5_path, chunkdim, level, verbose)

any hints?

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