[Bioc-devel] Python Z trees to hclust

Bernat Gel Moreno bge| @end|ng |rom |gtp@c@t
Tue Jul 30 09:39:32 CEST 2019


For one of our packages (CopyNumberPlots) we'll need to read 10X CNV 
data in H5 format. I've read in everything I need except for the cell 
clustering tree. It's in a format called Z format produced by SciPy 
hierarchical clustering. The format itself is relatively easy to parse 
and not so different from hclust return objects so it would be possible 
to create a small function to translate the Z notation into an hclust 
object, if needed, but I'll need to figure out the "order" vector, since 
it's not present in Z.

   - Is the Z to hclust function available in any other package? Or 
something equivalent to that?
   - If I end up transforming it by hand in a custom function, Is there 
a function somewhere to compute the order vector in an hclust object?



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