[Bioc-devel] Resetting to previous commits

Erik Fasterius er|k@|@@ter|u@ @end|ng |rom out|ook@com
Wed Aug 14 17:05:11 CEST 2019

I made some changes to my seqCAT package the last few days in order to prepare for version 1.0.0 of tidyr, which was apparently harder than I initially thought. I was also a bit too quick with pushing to Bioconductor (both the release and devel branches), and now I’ve got several updates and versions that don’t work - very stupid of me, I know. I do seem to have a working version now, though, and I finally learnt my lesson and have NOT pushed this to Bioconductor yet. Now I want to reset to the previously working versions of my package (1.6.0 for release and 1.7.2 for devel)

I did try to make (temporary) hard resets and force push these to Bioconductor (as per the “reset to a previous commit” in the “abandon changes” developer section), but these did not work: all I got was errors say I cannot move from a higher version (e.g. 1.6.2) back to a lower one (1.6.0). Is there a way to bypass this? If not, I assume I’ll just have to make a new version for each branch (1.6.3 and 1.7.5, as it were) and push those, leaving several non-functional versions at Bioconductor? If at all possible I’d like to avoid this.

Again, I realise these problems are because of errors on my part, and would like to know if I can solve them somehow or if I’ll just have to live with them.

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