[Bioc-devel] GenomicFeatures export request

Leonardo Collado Torres lcoll@do @ending from jhu@edu
Thu Nov 15 18:25:31 CET 2018

Hi Hervé,

Looking into the details of GenomicFeatures::exonicParts() I see that
this function runs GenomicFeatures:::.tidy_exons(). Would it be
possible to export this function? Looks like it'll be useful for some
work we are doing.

We can start using it without the function being exported, and well,
if you prefer not to export it we could still use it in other packages
(though a NOTE will show up in R CMD check).

I don't think that we'll use GenomicFeatures:::.tidy_transcripts()
directly although GenomicFeatures:::.tidy_exons() runs it. But well,
maybe other users might be interested in your tidy set of functions.


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