[Bioc-devel] mzR build failure on Windows: missing HDF5 libraries

Martin Morgan martin.morgan at roswellpark.org
Tue Jan 2 21:31:48 CET 2018

On 01/02/2018 03:16 PM, Neumann, Steffen wrote:
> Dear BioC team,
> a happy new year to you as well ;-)
> for a while we have a build error for mzR on windows
> due to missing HDF5 libs:
> https://github.com/sneumann/mzR/issues/143
> I am looking for some hints how to fix this.
> The https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/rhdf5.html
> package has embedded rhdf5/src/libwin/x64/libhdf5ForBioC-7.dll
> which we could try to use (It does not yet contain H5Cpp.h,
> and we'd have to ask Bernd Fischer et al to include it.

Not a comprehensive answer or solution to release, but in devel there is 
Rhdf5lib which contains both the C and C++ headers. (I believe that 
rhdf5 will move to using this library in the near future) Martin

> ALternatively, it might already be present on the build machines,
> but we didn't have the include path set up:
> https://github.com/r-hub/rhub/issues/91
> "... the location of the hdf5 libraries is defined as
> ${LIB_HDF5}/lib${R_ARCH}. "
> So, any hints which way to go for a fix ?
> Yours,
> Steffen

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