[Bioc-devel] mzR build failure on Windows: missing HDF5 libraries

Neumann, Steffen sneumann at ipb-halle.de
Tue Jan 2 21:16:20 CET 2018

Dear BioC team,

a happy new year to you as well ;-)

for a while we have a build error for mzR on windows
due to missing HDF5 libs:

I am looking for some hints how to fix this.
The https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/rhdf5.html
package has embedded rhdf5/src/libwin/x64/libhdf5ForBioC-7.dll
which we could try to use (It does not yet contain H5Cpp.h,
and we'd have to ask Bernd Fischer et al to include it.

ALternatively, it might already be present on the build machines, 
but we didn't have the include path set up:
"... the location of the hdf5 libraries is defined as
${LIB_HDF5}/lib${R_ARCH}. "

So, any hints which way to go for a fix ?



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