[Bioc-devel] GenomicFeatures export request

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Wed Dec 5 19:55:01 CET 2018

Hi Leo,

This is done in GenomicFeatures 1.35.4:




On 11/15/18 09:25, Leonardo Collado Torres wrote:
> Hi Hervé,
> Looking into the details of GenomicFeatures::exonicParts() I see that
> this function runs GenomicFeatures:::.tidy_exons(). Would it be
> possible to export this function? Looks like it'll be useful for some
> work we are doing.
> We can start using it without the function being exported, and well,
> if you prefer not to export it we could still use it in other packages
> (though a NOTE will show up in R CMD check).
> I don't think that we'll use GenomicFeatures:::.tidy_transcripts()
> directly although GenomicFeatures:::.tidy_exons() runs it. But well,
> maybe other users might be interested in your tidy set of functions.
> Best,
> Leo

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