[Bioc-devel] workflow page reorganization

Michael Love michaelisaiahlove at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 16:55:22 CET 2017

This already looks much improved, thanks Andrzej and Aaron. I think
workflows are where it's at, and this page is probably
underappreciated by Bioconductor users and the outside community.

My wishlist for the workflows page, which may exceed what is available
for the current effort:

1) It should say at the top which version of R/Bioconductor the
workflows are being built on.

2) On the main page, for each workflow:

* A thumbnail (could live in a pre-specified location in the package)
* Author list (autopopulated from DESCRIPTION)
* Version
* Link to the (most current) F1000Research articles for those which
are published (new field in DESCRIPTION?)
* Some kind of CI "buttony" thing, to indicate to users that these are
live documents
* Key Bioc/R packages used in this worfklow (could this also be an
additional DESCRIPTION field?)

3) I think it would be good to encourage the more stubby workflow
descriptions to add more text, and maybe to decrease the very words
ones, so that it's more consistent. Wow, that's pretty obsessive of
me, but I think it would make the page look more professional.

4) Text somewhere with a link to the support site and how to ask for
help on workflows (e.g. vignette(), ?functionName)

5) An advertisement somewhere for submitting a workflow, link to more
detailed doc elsewhere

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