[Bioc-devel] workflow page reorganization

Wolfgang Huber wolfgang.huber at embl.de
Sun Dec 17 14:35:29 CET 2017

Thank you all for the efforts on this! I agree with Mike that there's a 
lot of yet untapped potential in the workflows, for all levels of BioC 
users: for beginners, to make their first steps, for more experienced 
users, to learn new stuff.

Mike's points 1-5 are great, I second them.

And then some polite pushback on categorization... I think for a volume 
of one-two dozen workflows, browsing based on short descriptions (Mike's 
point 3) will often be preferable. And if the volume gets larger, I 
noted that "search" rather than "manually curated hierarchical menu 
trees" drives many successful websites (Amazon, Google) and there's 
probably a lesson in there.

	Best wishes

15.12.17 16:55, Michael Love scripsit:
> This already looks much improved, thanks Andrzej and Aaron. I think
> workflows are where it's at, and this page is probably
> underappreciated by Bioconductor users and the outside community.
> My wishlist for the workflows page, which may exceed what is available
> for the current effort:
> 1) It should say at the top which version of R/Bioconductor the
> workflows are being built on.
> 2) On the main page, for each workflow:
> * A thumbnail (could live in a pre-specified location in the package)
> * Author list (autopopulated from DESCRIPTION)
> * Version
> * Link to the (most current) F1000Research articles for those which
> are published (new field in DESCRIPTION?)
> * Some kind of CI "buttony" thing, to indicate to users that these are
> live documents
> * Key Bioc/R packages used in this worfklow (could this also be an
> additional DESCRIPTION field?)
> 3) I think it would be good to encourage the more stubby workflow
> descriptions to add more text, and maybe to decrease the very words
> ones, so that it's more consistent. Wow, that's pretty obsessive of
> me, but I think it would make the page look more professional.
> 4) Text somewhere with a link to the support site and how to ask for
> help on workflows (e.g. vignette(), ?functionName)
> 5) An advertisement somewhere for submitting a workflow, link to more
> detailed doc elsewhere
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With thanks in advance-

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