[Bioc-devel] possible BioGrid/psiquic bug [was Problem with constrained PSICQUIC queries]

Paul Shannon pshannon at systemsbiology.org
Wed Jan 27 19:20:00 CET 2016

Dear BioGrid,

We find that the url shown below runs without an end.  One of our Bioconductor/PSICQUIC users (cc’d here) encountered this from within R, but kindly (using our quiet=FALSE option) tracked down the REST url which seems to run forever:

$curl 'http://tyersrest.tyerslab.com:8805/psicquic/webservices/current/search/query/identifier:%28TP53%20AND%20MYC%29%20AND%20species:9606%20AND%20detmethod:%28psi-mi:MI:0004%20OR%20psi-mi:MI:0676%29'

in clear text, this is

 http://tyersrest.tyerslab.com:8805/psicquic/webservices/current/search/query/identifier:(TP53 AND MYC) AND species:9606 AND detmethod:(psi-mi:MI:0004 OR psi-mi:MI:0676)

It is tempting - but not always correct! - to conclude that this is not my own mistake.  Please forgive me if it is.  I hope that the first url above will be enough for you to easily find out.


   - Paul Shannon
     Institute for Systems Biology

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