[Bioc-devel] package passes R CMD BUILD on Linux (Ubuntu) but not Windows Server 2008

Samuel E Zimmerman sezimmer at einstein.yu.edu
Wed Jan 27 17:35:24 CET 2016

Hi Everyone,

When I uploaded my package to Bioconductor it passed all tests for the Linux OS, but failed on the Windows Server. The error is below.

Warning: running command '"c:\MikTex2.9\miktex\bin\texify.exe" --quiet --pdf "pathVar.tex" --max-iterations=20 -I "E:/biocbld/bbs-3.3-bioc/R/share/texmf/tex/latex" -I "E:/biocbld/bbs-3.3-bioc/R/share/texmf/bibtex/bst"' had status 1
Error in find_vignette_product(name, by = "texi2pdf", engine = engine) :
  Failed to locate the 'texi2pdf' output file (by engine 'utils::Sweave') for vignette with name 'pathVar'. The following files exist in directory '.': 'outline_fig_2.pdf', 'pathVar-2SamDisc_1.pdf', 'pathVar-dens_1.pdf', 'pathVar-diagnostics.pdf', 'pathVar-hist_1.pdf', 'pathVar.Rnw', 'pathVar.tex'
Calls: <Anonymous> -> find_vignette_product
Execution halted

Also, here is a link to the build report. Does anyone know why this is happening? When I build it locally on my mac, the vignette is made and building the package is completed without any errors.



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