[Bioc-devel] R CMD CHECK error in examples

Karl Stamm karl.stamm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 19:36:37 CEST 2016

I've had this problem for a long time, so it might be a configuration
setting, and I need your help.

When running CHECK --as-cran etc the vast majority passes, but it always
fails when running the examples before it gets to my code.

* checking examples ... ERROR
Running examples in 'rgsepd-Ex.R' failed
> library('rgsepd')
Error in library("rgsepd") : there is no package called 'rgsepd'

It looks like something is forgetting to INSTALL the package before it can
run any examples. It's clearly been installed to do every other part of the
process. Is there some library location problem you suppose?

Note I'm double-checking things because my package is failing to build for
some reason on moscato. In this past when this has happened without my
changing anything, it was some dependency having changed. So here I am
again updating everything to debug.

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