[Bioc-devel] R-devel update schedule/strategy for Bioc devel build machines

Gabe Becker becker.gabe at gene.com
Thu Oct 30 18:21:17 CET 2014

Bioc admins,

We have an automatic build/test mechanism for our internal packages which
we'd like to match the Bioc build machines as closely as possible. AFAIU,
the exact commit-specific version of R-devel used on your devel build
server changes occasionally within Bioc releases, and we'd like to mirror
those changes on our system.

Is there a set schedule for when the exact commit of R-devel on your build
server changes? Also, do you guys grab them as tarballs, or checkout/update
from the svn?


Computational Biologist
Genentech Research

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