[Bioc-devel] Unreproducible build check warning

Antti Honkela antti.honkela at hiit.fi
Mon Mar 17 16:13:25 CET 2014

Hi all,

The latest build check report shows one warning for 'tigre':
* checking for missing documentation entries ... WARNING
Undocumented S4 methods:
   generic '[' and siglist 'scoreList,ANY'

As far as I can tell the method in question should be documented, as one 
of the .Rd files contains an alias:

Furthermore I cannot reproduce it on my own using the latest R-alpha (or 
R-devel from last week): R CMD check on the source tar-ball downloaded 
directly from Bioconductor runs cleanly.

Can someone please help in figuring out what is going on?


Antti Honkela
antti.honkela at hiit.fi   -   http://www.hiit.fi/u/ahonkela/

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