[Bioc-devel] heads up

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at fhcrc.org
Mon Nov 27 21:21:50 CET 2006

   You may have missed the discussion on R-devel, as it was never clear 
that it was likely to have a direct impact on your work, but there is a 
change to Sweave in R-devel that is likely to affect most vignettes, 
papers and other work that relies on Sweave.

   Duncan Murdoch in a series of posts with:
    Re: [Rd] Source references from the parser

   has changed the default behavior of parsing R code into Sweave, for 
the 2.5 candidate version of R.

  This change has some benefits and addresses issues that some have 
raised, but it seems that the decision to make the new behavior the 
default (rather than optional) seems less than kind to those of us that 
make extensive use of Sweave.

   I strongly suggest that you voice some opinion on this unless you 
want to review all your vigenttes, papers, books and find places where 
the new behavior clashes with the old.

   best wishes

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