[Bioc-devel] Build/check report news

hpages at fhcrc.org hpages at fhcrc.org
Mon Apr 24 01:57:50 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,

We have a new build/check report for BioC 1.9 here:


Note that these results are for the Bioconductor packages located
in the current trunk. A new line on the report page indicates this:
- SVN URL: https://hedgehog.fhcrc.org/bioconductor/trunk/madman

Also note that for now these new builds:
  - are only performed once a day
  - are only performed on the 2 following platforms:
      64-bit Linux (SUSE 9.2)
      64-bit Linux (SUSE 10.0)
  - use R-2.3.0 RC (this will change ASAP for R-2.4.0).

Setting up the builds for BioC 1.9 was also a good opportunity
to reorganize things a little bit in order to have simpler URLs:

 - Build/check report for BioC 1.8 are now at:
   instead of http://bioconductor.org/checkResults/1.8/html/report.html
   (note that these builds are still performed twice a day)

 - The page dispatching to the build/check reports for BioC 1.7, 1.8
   and 1.9 is now at:
   instead of

Happy Greek Easter!


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