[Bioc-devel] generics from Biobase not found during package installation

Florian Hahne f.hahne at dkfz.de
Mon Oct 24 19:27:56 CEST 2005

Hi Seth,
you are right, importing the whole Biobase namespace indeed also fixes 
the problem. At the moment I'm not sure if this is a better solution 
than the one proposed by Robert (it certainly is in terms of typing 
work). But for me it seems as everthing is working just fine using both 
alternatives. I don't have any idea why you can't reproduce this on 
every machine. Maybe you are not running the release R-2.2.0. I also 
don't get this error on R-2.2.0 devel. My current version info is:

platform i686-pc-linux-gnu
arch i686
os linux-gnu
system i686, linux-gnu
major 2
minor 2.0
year 2005
month 10
day 06
svn rev 35749
language R

So once this issue is settled for good would it be possible to pushed 
the patched package into the release branch?


Seth Falcon wrote:

>Hi Florian,
>I still don't understand why I don't see the error everywhere.  I can
>only reproduce with our automted build account.  Everywhere else I
>try, prada builds and checks just fine (prior to your changes).
>I just did the following experiment using the build account where I do
>see the failure on accessing the "description" generic:
>Added to NAMESPACE the following line:
>After that change, I was able to build without error.  I understand
>what Robert is getting at with respect to SaveImage and what can and
>cannot be done at build and/or install time vs load time.  I don't
>know exactly what the NAMESPACE stuff is doing and perhpas it is
>changing the behavior of SaveImage?
>Can you see if simply modifying NAMESPACE to import Biobase solves the
>problem on your systems?
>+ seth
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