[Bioc-devel] Updated check results page

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Fri Nov 11 15:07:15 CET 2005

Hi, I've finally had a look at this.  It's very impressive.

A few comments

1) indexing the tables by hostname is peculiar to me.  i can
look up the hostname or i can learn the right to left sequence,
but i would prefer something qualitative: linux 64, linux 32,
sparc, windows 64?  if i need to know details i can look in the

2) MISSING is a strange tag -- in general, it would be good for
the page to give an indicator of when the developer should
do something to get a more favorable status; edd is MISSING
for lemming, but i don't know how to make it OK

3) Purely for the convenience of authors of multiple packages,
it would be good to put the author name somewhere on the page, maybe
in the rightmost column so that one can do browser finds

as for A vs B -- i find that the distinction of BUILD BIN is
more prominent in B and again i don't know what the developer should
do for a package whose BUILD BIN status on windows differs from
its CHECK status there.  i prefer A but not strongly.

so perhaps there could be some descriptive text accessible via
linked at the top (e.g., what to do if your package is not OK)
which gives general suggestions on how to improve status

thanks again

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