[Bioc-devel] New Features for BioConductor 1.7.0 Annotation Packages

Ting-Yuan Liu tliu at fhcrc.org
Thu Dec 8 08:17:03 CET 2005

Sorry about this late announcement.  Here is the WHAT'S NEW for the 
annotation packages in the BioC 1.7 release.

Ting-Yuan Liu
Program in Computational Biology
Division of Public Health Sciences
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, WA, USA


New Features for BioConductor 1.7.0 Annotation Packages:

a) New annotation packages
	1) For Affymetrix chips:
		- sugarcaneprobe
		- hu35ksuba, hu35ksubaprobe
		- hu35ksubb, hu35ksubbprobe
		- hu35ksubc, hu35ksubcprobe
		- hu35ksubd, hu35ksubdprobe
		- canine2, canine2cdf, canine2probe
		- medicagocdf, medicagoprobe
		- tomatocdf, tomatoprobe
	2) indac: for FlyChip_long_oligonucleotide_002 (FL002) chip
b) New environments (*PFAM and *PROSITE) in human-, mouse-, and rat-chip 
	annotation packages.  These two environments are created from 
	the data in International Protein Index (IPI) website.  They 
	provide the mappings between probe set ids and Pfam/PROSITE ids, 
c) Modification of the DESCRIPTION files of annotation packages
	1) Add new fields:
		- organism
		- species
		- manufacturer
		- chipName
		- manufacturerUrl
		- biocViews
	2) Improve the "Title" and "Description" fields

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