Seminar for Statistics

Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics


Lecturer: Prof. Sara van de Geer

Assistants: Jana Jankova, Alan Muro

Content: In mathematical statistics, data is exploited to get information about certain aspects of the underlying probability distributions. This lecture covers: introductory examples, formalism of decision theory, optimality measures, optimality in simple models, asymptotics of estimators and tests.

We 10-12 HG E 1.1
Fri  08-10 HG E 1.1

Exercise Lessons:
Tue 14-15 HG F 26.3


First exercise lesson: Tuesday, September 23, 2014.

Problem Sheets
Preliminary Discussion Solution
Problem Sheet 1 September 23, 2014 Solution 1
Problem Sheet 2 September 30, 2014 Solution 2
Problem Sheet 3 October 7, 2014 Solution 3
Problem Sheet 4 October 14, 2014 Solution 4
Problem Sheet 5 October 21, 2014 Solution 5
Problem Sheet 6 October 28, 2014 Solution 6
Problem Sheet 7 November 4, 2014
Solution 7
Problem Sheet 8 November 11, 2014 Solution 8
Problem Sheet 9 November 18, 2014
Solution 9
Problem Sheet 10 November 25, 2014 Solution 10
Problem Sheet 11 December 2, 2014
Solution 11
Problem Sheet 12 December 9, 2014
Solution 12

Requirements for the Testat: None.

PhD Students: If you only need the ETH credit points, please hand in solutions to 5 problem sheets. If you need ECTS points, you do not have to hand in solutions but to pass the exam (an online registration on mystudies is required).

Material: script


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