[R-wiki] R as a programming language

Philippe Grosjean phgrosjean at sciviews.org
Mon Jan 30 10:59:04 CET 2006

paul sorenson wrote:
> Roger Bivand wrote:
>>I'm sure I'm quite out of line, but a big flashing warning somewhere
>>to alert hopeful users to the fact that reading is associated (maybe
>>used to be?) with learning might be useful? Perhaps a reference to:
>>given R's genetic relationship to Scheme?
> Pigs are genetically related to yeast if my memory serves me correctly.

Hum, hum! I'am confused; is R, or Scheme the pig in you comparison ;-)


>>Just reading Chapter 1 Section 1 is still a thought-provoking and
>>rewarding experience ... and yields quite unprecedented returns on
>>time invested (certainly compared to just clicking around software
>>hoping it will "explain itself").
> That may be true but there is a long stretch from there to being 
> proficient in R.
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