[RsR] useR! conference deadline

claudio claudio at unive.it
Wed Feb 1 11:32:24 CET 2006

Dear All (sorry for possible cross posting),

The submission deadline for `useR! 2006', the second R user conference to be
held in Vienna June 15-17 2006, is only three weeks ahead. Now is the 
perfect time to submit abstracts for user-contributed sessions!

The sessions will be a platform to bring together R users, contributers,
package maintainers and developers in the S spirit that `users are developers'.
People from different fields will show us how they solve problems
with R in fascinating applications, including
   - Applied Statistics & Biostatistics
   - Bayesian Statistics
   - Bioinformatics
   - Econometrics & Finance
   - Machine Learning
   - Marketing
   - Spatial Statistics
   - Statistics in the Social and Political Sciences
   - Teaching
   - Visualization & Graphics
   - and many more.

I invite all in this mailing list to submit abstracts on topics presenting 
innovations or exciting applications of R, especially in the field of 
Robust Statistics. A web page offering more information on the `useR!' 
conference, abstract submission, registration and Vienna is available at


The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2006.

Best and I hope to see you in Vienna,
Claudio Agostinelli

Claudio Agostinelli
Dipartimento di Statistica
Universita' Ca' Foscari di Venezia
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30121 Venezia
Tel: 041 2347446, Fax: 041 2347444
email: claudio at unive.it, www: www.dst.unive.it/~claudio
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