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Yes, but surely lme and nlme were developed at the same time?

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The nlme package predated lme4 by several years and features of lme4 were never backported to nlme.

On Fri, Jul 1, 2022 at 4:04 AM Cole, Tim <tim.cole using ucl.ac.uk<mailto:tim.cole using ucl.ac.uk>> wrote:
I note that lme has an argument keep.data which saves a copy of data (if it’s a data frame) to the lme object, whereas nlme lacks this argument. I’m curious - does anyone (BB?) know why they are different?

> args(lme)
function (fixed, data = sys.frame(sys.parent()), random, correlation = NULL,
    weights = NULL, subset, method = c("REML", "ML"), na.action = na.fail,
    control = list(), contrasts = NULL, keep.data = TRUE)
> args(nlme)
function (model, data = sys.frame(sys.parent()), fixed, random = fixed,
    groups, start, correlation = NULL, weights = NULL, subset,
    method = c("ML", "REML"), na.action = na.fail, naPattern,
    control = list(), verbose = FALSE)

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