[R-sig-ME] How to activate the overdisp_fun function?

Adriaan de Jong Adr|@@n@de@Jong @end|ng |rom @|u@@e
Wed Mar 9 08:27:47 CET 2022

Dear list members,
For informed choices between poisson and negative binomial models, I've been advised to check preliminary poisson models with the overdisp_fun function in accordance with Ben Bolker's glmmFAQ github site (link below). Unfortunately, I only receive the "Error in overdisp_fun(mod30) : could not find function "overdisp_fun" message (for poisson glmer model "mod30"). I've installed packages MASS, lme4, nlme, mgcv and glmmTMB and run my script under R 4.1.2. Model "mod30" runs and plots flawless. Internet searches haven't helped me. What am I doing wrong and/or where sits this overdisp_fun function?
Thanks in advance for hints and comments,

Adriaan "Adjan" de Jong
Associate professor
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


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