[R-sig-ME] Problems with warnings

Mathias Emil Kaae mek @end|ng |rom eco@@@u@dk
Thu Jan 20 10:29:45 CET 2022

To whom it concerns,

I am using the package glmmTMB to fit a mixed model with interactions using the beta-binomial distribution. I am trying to model plant cover data for specific species in a habitat using a randomized block design with five blocks and 16 plots within them. The question is: are this plant species increasing/decreasing its cover within different plots as a result of different treatments?

As I see it, I only get non-significant results (which is fine). However, I do get this warning when using the package glmmTMB:

Warning message:
In getReStruc(reTrms, ss, aa, reXterms, fr) :
AR1 not meaningful with intercept

Should I worry, and how can I solve this?

I have attached the code and a subset of the data.

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