[R-sig-ME] GLMM replicated data

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Mon Dec 13 16:49:40 CET 2021

Dear all,
One aim of my study is to assess the effect of temporal variation in
habitat availability on the number of male singing per point count (p). To
this end, 60 point counts were randomly distributed in the study area, but
these points were fixed over the months (I recorded the number of singing
males at the same points but at successive months). At each point, I
recorded the cover of habitat available (e.g., shrubs, cereals,
I'm wondering if I should consider the ID as a random factor in this case?
If yes, is this command correct?
model=glmer(p~cover of habitat + (1|month/ID), famlily=poisson, data=data)
Thank you very much for your help.
Saâd Hanane, PhD
Service d'Écologie, de Biodiversité et de Conservation des Sols
Centre de Recherche Forestière
Chariae Omar Ibn Al Khattab, BP 763, Rabat-Agdal/Maroc.

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