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Hi SV,

I think there is doubt whether a ‘small’ sample size adequately represents your population of interest. You can argue from a study design perspective that you avoided bias with a random sample, but the game of (low) numbers during sampling could create a bias due to randomness as well. ‘Trusting’ your estimates and the uncertainty around them goes beyond the fitting process. I apologize if this is obvious to you. But, I think this push-pull idea might help explain why it is difficult to give you some coup de grace reference to ‘solve’ your problem. I think your rationale and argumentation will be more helpful than a reference anyway. Perhaps that was what FB was insinuating. You could try sensitivity analysis to help bolster your confidence in the results if that was your goal.


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Dear SV,

I can feel that you have a very promising research career just in front of your eyes.


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Dear Mixed modelers experts,

I am looking for a reference to justify my sentence here below.
Many thanks for your help.

"The mixed model seemed well specified � it converged and had no singular problem, no overfitting problem. So, even if the sample size is quite small, the estimates are stable and can be trusted".

Best Regards,

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