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I have tried to do that with lme4 and the function tab_model() of pacakge sjPlot. That works for other types of models, but it did not worked for lme4. Try WeMix package, which mimic Stata�s mixed function.

However, I have substantive doubts about this. Do  robust standard errors make sense in multilevel models?. For instance, using clustered standard errors is a way of introducing level-two correlations in OLS, but in hierarchical models we are already modelling that correlation. Additionally, there are more general doubts about that. See:

I would like to listen more thoughts about robust and clustered standard errors in multilevel models, both from the philosophical point of view and the practical one.


Fernando Bruna
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Dear all,
I am using lme4 package to run a hierarchical logistic regression model (with random county effect) for my binomial dependent variable, COVID death (0/1). This is a very large dataset with ~ 8 million observations.
I need to find the robust standard error but was not sure about any package. I tried robustlmm (although my DV is not continuous) and got this error when used MerDeriv (sandwich):
Error in UseMethod("estfun") :
no applicable method for 'estfun' applied to an object of class "c('glmerMod', 'merMod')"
The real tricky part is it takes several hours to compute because of the dataset length.
All I need is to get robust standard error values.
I already fit the models:
fit <- glmer(death ~ (1|county_fips_code) + IV).
Thank you so much,
Suresh Neupane

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