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It is a good question for a list on mixed models, though the interpretation would be common to traditional linear models. There is no mess in the questions. There are not interactions. The question is about the interpretation of the parameters in the following equation:

Yij = Cij + B1 x Xij + B2 x Zj

The special characteristics of the question is about the gender composition of the variables Xij and Zj.



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On 9/26/21 06:26, Simon Harmel wrote:
> I've two categorical moderators i.e., students' ***sex*** (`boys`,
> `girls`) and the ***school-gender system*** (`boy-only`, `girl-only`,
> `mixed`) in a model like: `y ~ sex + schoolgend`.

I don't get this. Why is this posted to a mixed-effects model list when
there is no random effect? That said, this really is a hierarchical
model, since the sex predictor is an individual-level predictor, and
school-gender-system is a school-level predictor. In a case like this,
you're getting messed up trying to conceptualize the cross-level
interaction. My head is all messed up just trying to figure it out.

Stuart Luppescu
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