[R-sig-ME] glmer and influence.me - complaining about nAGQ==0

Ben Bolker bbo|ker @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Apr 26 19:55:11 CEST 2021

   These convergence warnings are not necessarily problematic (see 
?lme4::convergence, for example). In particular, the overly large max 
|grad| is only slightly above the threshold (and, these computations can 
be *less* reliable for very large data sets); the large eigenvalue is 
similarly just a warning, not necessarily a problem.

   Do model diagnostics (e.g. with DHARMa) generally look OK?  You can 
try allFit() if you have some patience.

   The main thing I would do is think carefully/inspect model 
predictions to see whether you think RT is the more appropriate scale.

On 4/26/21 12:24 PM, Cátia Ferreira De Oliveira via R-sig-mixed-models 
> Thank you for your replies!
> Regarding your comment about having logRT in a gamma model with log link, I
> decided to try it after getting this warning if I only use RT as the
> dependent variable:
> (glmer(RT ~ ...)
> *optimizer (bobyqa) convergence code: 0 (OK)Model failed to converge with
> max|grad| = 0.00209134 (tol = 0.002, component 1)Model is nearly
> unidentifiable: very large eigenvalue - Rescale variables?*
> Do you have a better suggestion for dealing with this that does not require
> the log transformation and that may allow me to use the influence.me
> package?
> Best wishes,
> Catia
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