[R-sig-ME] Setting priors for binary fixed effects

Pierre de Villemereuil p|erre@dev|||emereu|| @end|ng |rom ephe@p@|@eu
Tue Sep 8 16:09:20 CEST 2020

> So I should only check the traceplots to check the convergence?

Assessing convergence in MCMC is not a very easy problem. I'd say checking the traceplot is generally a very good idea, but it lacks in reproducibility. Using the stationarity test (the first part) from heidel.diag() can help in that regard, especially for MCMCglmm were you typically have one chain. If you have more than one chain (e.g. several parallel runs of MCMCglmm), another possible approach is to use the gelman.diag() function to check for stationarity.


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