[R-sig-ME] A graphic for Random intercepts via distributions

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Thu Jul 9 00:51:36 CEST 2020

     Can you clarify your concern?

I can see things to quibble about here (the scales of the level-2 and 
level-1 diagrams are different; I don't know why they're using e_{ij} 
for the residual error of individual i in school j but U_{0j} for the 
deviation of school j around the grand mean; it's a little confusing to 
have "level 1" above "level 2" in the text but level 2 above level 1 in 
the picture; it's potentially confusing for the arrow showing the 
deviation from the baseline to intersect with the population density 
curve [technically, the deviation doesn't have a "level", so could be 
drawn instead as an arrow between two vertical lines rather than from a 
line to a particular point ...

... but nothing that seems actively misleading.

   Others may have other opinions or see something I'm missing.

On 7/8/20 6:27 PM, Simon Harmel wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> I came across a picture (https://github.com/hkil/m/blob/master/mlm.PNG)
> that tries to show the concept of random-intercept models using
> distributions.
> I think, however, the picture erroneously mixes regression concepts (e.g.,
> error terms) with distributional properties of those regression concepts.
> I appreciate confirmation from the expert members?
> Thanks,
> Simon
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