[R-sig-ME] Specifying starting point for MCMCglmm()

Ruhs, Emily ecruh@ @end|ng |rom u@|@edu
Thu Jun 4 22:05:46 CEST 2020

Hi everyone~

I am running a series of large models in R using MCMCglmm. After running the models for 14 days (complicated, multivariate models), I found that the models have not converged yet and I need to run more iterations. I know you can use the start= to specify a starting function, but I’m having difficulties getting the model to run.

model_EC <- parLapply(cl=cl,listEC, function(i) {
           random = ~us(trait):phylo, family=rep("gaussian", 6), rcov=~us(trait):units,
           ginverse=list(phylo=inv.phyloEC$Ainv),prior=prior.1,data=i[[2]], start=1820000,

As the code is written, I have the start=1820000, which is where the last iteration left off. Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong in specifying the start function?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Emily Cornelius Ruhs
Postdoctoral Scholar
University of South Florida

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