[R-sig-ME] AIC and other IT indexes criteria for for backward, forward and stepwise regression

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Hi Mario, firstly - you should always think carefully if model selection is exactly what you want. Secondly - if you have multiple models performing similarly (with deltaAICc <= 2) you can average them (there are several methods, you can e.g. have a look at the MuMIn package) and/or summarize importance of different predictors based on the support they receive in different models.


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> Dear users,
> Im currently exploring on the use of AIC and other I-T indexes criteria for
> backward, forward and stepwise regression.
> Usually, when applying IT indexes for Multimodal Inference, we choose a set
> of 'good models' depending on different criteria, but mainly, all models
> with delta AIC<2, and then we averaged the estimates between the set of
> models or make conclusions based on the set of models, no need to average.
> However, if Im not wrong, the goal of backward etc is to get to one 'best'
> final model. I understand the use of AIC in this framework but, is there
> any criteria to select the best model in this case? Do I simply have to
> choose the model with the lowest AIC no matter whether there is another
> model whose delta is less than 2? Does it depend on a personal criteria?
> For example, if my 'maximal' or saturated model has the lowest AIC and the
> model dropping one variable has a delta of 0.5, which model to choose?
> I was looking on the web and I have found no answer to this. So, any
> literature recommendation or advice will be welcome.
> Thanks
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