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I hope you will not mind my asking seven questions, questions designed to allow me to know if my basic understanding of lmer syntax is correct. Below I post code and in the comments 7 questions. 

Orthodont$nsex <- as.numeric(Orthodont$Sex=="Male")
Orthodont$nsexage <- with(Orthodont, nsex*age)

# (1) Is this a model with a random intercept in which, each subject has his, or her own intercept?
lmer(distance ~ age +(1|Subject),data=Orthodont)

# (2) Is this a model with a random slope, where age is the slope, each subject having their own slope?
lmer(distance ~ age + (0+age|Subject), data=Orthodont)

# (3) Is this a model with random intercept, Subject, and random slope age?
# (4) If it is, what is the assumed covariance structure between slope and intercept?
# (5) Is the covariance structure assumed to be unstructured?
# (6) How can I get the estimated covariance between intercept (subject) and slope (age)?
lmer(distance ~ age +(1|Subject)+(0+age|Subject), data=Orthodont)
# (7) The next two models, I believe have a random intercept (a sparate slope for each subject),
#     an age*sex interaction, a random slope (age) for each subject. Are my assumptions correct?
lmer(distance ~ age +Sex+nsexage+(1|Subject)+(0+age|Subject), data=Orthodont)
lmer(distance ~ age +Sex+Sex*age+(1|Subject)+(0+age|Subject), data=Orthodont)

Thank you for your patients with my eight questions.


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